Our services


for your automation

Are you planning to repair or service a plant or manufacturing facility?

Our services include:

Concept design and solution proposals
Service, maintenance or repair of your plant according to your requirements.



You will learn to recognise processes in your company that can be easily automated with simple solutions.
Using practical examples, we show you how simple and successful „Intelligent Simple Automation“ can be applied.
We show you how to carry out a cost/benefit analysis in order to be able to evaluate tasks in the field of automation and production technology from a business management point of view.
You will find ways to increase productivity in a wide range of areas.
You combine people and technology in an optimal way Reduce costs and increase flexibility
You work in a team to develop suitable solutions and evaluate them in order to select and optimally implement the best variants
The safety of your processes, delivery reliability and customer satisfaction increase
Your employees are integrated into the improvement process and work more motivated and productive.