No more limits or restrictions in the field of robotics.


Parts feeding has never been so easy.


High-tech in the name as well as in the products.

Welcome to Hightech4You

A young start-up that has set itself the task of offering innovative solutions and products for the automation of manufacturing processes.

Our team consists partly of young engineers but also of experienced employees from the field of robotics and automation. Together we want to simplify manufacturing processes with our products and thus make the world a little bit better.

Whether for industrial production or research and development, we have you covered with one of our dedicated products below. All components are perfectly matched to each other. This means that our intelligent solutions can be integrated into your automation system in just a few steps.

What you can expect from us


Like our name, our solutions are innovative and solution-oriented. Customer wishes come first.


We work to improve every part of the automation process. From finding the perfect product to the final installation.


Our relationship does not end with the completion of the project. We value our relationships with our clients and our commitment to serving them.


The fastest Auto-Door currently on the market for machine tools. Raptor-Eye – No cycle time loss due to slow opening and closing times compared to regular doors and easy to use.

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Flexible Feeder

Flexmaster Pro is a flexible and automated feeding solution for handling bulk material and small parts. Compared to classic solutions, the Flexmaster Pro offers a simple software control for quick operation. 

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With our robots from ROKAE Robotics, we can offer you an efficient and safe way to automate your production. The robots and cobots are equipped with IP67 protection as standard.

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We have already realised countless projects in automation. Renowned companies in many industries rely on our in-depth know-how and our products:

  • Medical technology
  • Automotive supplier
  • Railway technology
  • Lamps & Lighting
  • Furniture industry
  • Heating, sanitary
  • air conditioning
  • Beverage machines
  • Support arm systems
  • Construction elements
  • Optical devices
  • Electronic components

Many years of expertise in the field of robotic & automation

Automation has never been easier. Innovative solutions that convince through their performance and simplicity.

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Safety First

Collaborative Robots

Lack of skilled workers is leading to an increasing demand for robots. Our robots offer you safe, flexible and easy handling for every employee.

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The fastest Auto-Door currently on the market for machine tools. No cycle time loss due to slow opening and closing times compared to regular doors.